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 The multi-surface solution for indoors & outdoors

TexWalk is a revolutionary new floor media suitable for many floor / wall surfaces indoors & outdoors including carpet. Ideal for exhibtion and retail. TexWalk comes with a built in textured non slip surface (CSIRO R12) so it does not require an overlaminate making it the No. 1 choice for floor decal stock when timing is critical.

TexWalk Logo_V2.png

WorldPride, Sydney 2023

Originally Designed For Carpet

TexWalk launched into the Australian market as a floor graphic especially suited to carpet, see pics in gallery below

Now used indoors, outdoors on just above every surface

Our customers started using TexWalk on a huge variety of surfaces indoors & outdoors. TexWalk is now regarded industry wide as the most versatile self adhesive print media on the market.

TexWalk Train Floor.jpg




TexWalk_Denmark Office Wall_Before.jpg


TexWalk_Denmark Office Floor & Walls #1.jpg


​Outdoor Ground

> Concrete

> Tiles

> Asphalt

> Pavers

Outdoor Wall

> Concrete

> Brick

> Suitable for low pile carpet

> Suitable for multiple indoor / outdoor surfaces
> Approved non slip surface
> Brilliant print quality
> No over lamination required
> Fast installation
> Faster removal

Non Slip Certification
Australian / New Zealand Standards AS 4586:2013 non slip approved R12


Every surface is different so we strongly recommend you trial the intended surface first. The surface list below is a guide only.


Indoors Floor
> Carpet (Low Pile / tight knit)

> Concrete

​> Tiles (excluding gloss tiles)

Indoor Wall

> Plasterboard


> Concrete


Not suitable for ultra smooth surfaces such as polished floor boards, polished stone, gloss tiles etc​

Printing Methods
> Solvent and Eco Solvent

> UV Curable

> Latex

​Roll Dimensions

> Width 1220mm, Length 25m and 50m





CASE STUDY #1 - TexWalk installed on tiles outdoors

TexWalk at installation, 3 months and 6 months

Play video to see partial removal at 3 months

Sample Roll - TexWalk


Apply here for your 3m sample roll

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