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The All New Cost Effective

Indoor Floor Decal Solution

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MyFloor is a new cost effective floor decal kit from the makers of TexWalk. Comprising a SAV & Laminate it is designed for indoor hard surfaces. Ideal for social distancing, point of sale/purchase and directional messaging on the floor. MyFloor laminate (R9) is up to three times thicker than a regular laminate so it will last longer and is easier to install.

Why choose MyFloor?

MyFloor Exploded #2.png

2. MyFloor Vinyl

- Brilliant print quality

- Dimensionally stable, does not shrink

- Quality adhesive so removal is clean every time



Technical Information

Roll Size: 1372mm w x 50m
Kit: Includes Vinyl + Laminate
Vinyl Print Method: UV, Solvent and Latex
Laminate: R9 / P3 non-slip certification
Surface: Indoor hard surfaces
Durability: 3-6 months in high traffic, 12 months + in low traffic

3. Pricing

Entry level pricing for a high performance product. See why everyone is making the switch



1. MyFloor Laminate

- 3 x thickness of a regular laminate
     Increased durability
     Easier to install
- R9 / P3 non-slip certification for use on indoor wet areas

Sample Roll Diamond.png




Register here for your free MyFloor Sample Kit.

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